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Dear friends from all circles,


Firstly welcome you to visit the website of Penglai Hongwei Chemical CO., LTD, I would like to on behalf of all the staff, express my sincere thanks and deep respects to those who pay attention to our business, encourage,support and assist the development of our company.


Penglai Hongwei Chemical CO.,LTD since its establishment in 1979, has gone through thirty years trials and hardships! With the development of thirty years, Hongwei has experienced a round of industrial structure adjustments and rapid development from Ni-Co salt to organic fine chemical and from village-run enterprise to joint-stock company. Hongwei not only creates a huge economic leap that surprised the industry enterprises, but also keeps a quite stable growth all the time.


There is a Chinese proverb: big business seeks a long way; small business seeks only profit. During the thirty years, Hongwei stuck to the orientation of “integrity moulds brand, quality builds boutique”. We provided the best products and professional services with all our hearts for global business friends to plough through the surging market ocean and obtain an abundant harvest. We always believe that: quality is the life of an enterprise, and integrity is the principle of life. Everyone in Hongwei treat each product earnestly and conscientious with all their hearts, having a sense of coexistence and co-prosperity with the company to realize the century-enterprise dream!


Establish the credibility of a brand; build a century –old enterprise!


Hongwei people would like to join hands with you together to build a wonderful future!